Over the past 50 years, Damgaard Metal Infrastructure has developed and produced more than 10,000 lattice towers. The towers can be used for multible purposes such as floodlights, antenna- and meteorological towers and more.

The towers are marketed and sold broadly with a majority in Scandinavia, but also exported to destinations such as Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Dubai and Africa.

Before production, our own engineers carry out thorough static and dynamic calculations in accordance with local applicable standards and regulatory requirements, as well as the necessary design and documentation. This ensures we can always guarantee the durability of the tower based on the set requirements; this is the customer’s guarantee of quality, from concept through to the finished tower.

Damgaard Metal Projects also offers support in relation to building and calculation foundation.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have special requirements regarding the design or use of tower sections.

Different types include

  • Free-standing lattice towers
  • Braced lattice towers
  • Moveable lattice towers

The design of lattice towers is open and light, which makes them less noticeable in the landscape. The modular construction makes them easy to transport and less expensive than tubular columns of equivalent strength and height.

Lattice towers are composed of sections assembled with flange joints with equilateral triangular or right-angled square towers.

The sections are implemented all-welded with edgers and lattices of round steel bars, and can be designed to suit, but often as “V” – “K” or cross-lattices – depending on the customer’s wishes as regards design and load-bearing capacity.


Need help?

If you have special wishes for the design or use of grid columns, we are of course available.

You can contact us here.