Flame cutting

With our flame cutter we can cut items at the slightly heavier end and its great strength lies in materials from 30mm up to 300mm.
The cutting machine is equipped with a total of 6 burners, which means that for larger series sizes we can cut up to 6 items at the same time as 1 item, which of course will be reflected in the price.

Our cutting burner cuts into a small slag and suction box which follows the cutting burners, which minimizes the need for suction, which is also good for the environment. At the same time, the system also has the advantage that we can replace the casing with an empty one, and therefore do not have to waste time emptying the entire cutting table.


  • Perpendicular section in thick dimensions.
  • Cutting up to 6 items at once.
  • Quick and environmentally friendly suction / slag system.


  • Max 3000 * 13000 plate dimension.
  • Plate thicknesses up to 300mm
  • Max 10 tons
  • Cuts in all black steel types.