Since 1980, we have carried out assembly work for eg. Siemens and Philips as OEM suppliers for these.

Through this we have accumulated a great deal of expertise and experience in the field of assembly, not to mention gaining a thorough knowledge of the various national and international standards and approvals such as approx. UL, CNPP, RoHs, Danak, etc.

By letting us be in charge of the assembly, you not only gain resources - but at the same time gain the opportunity to draw on our vast experience and expertise in the field.

Of course, all assembly takes place in suitable environments and assembly work is performed in both Denmark and Latvia.
Individual tests and checks are performed on agreement - virtually all levels of testing and control are possible.


  • OEM supplies Siemens / Phillips
  • Great knowledge of various standards
  • Test and control at all levels
  • Direct deliveries to the whole world
  • Installation in DK / Latvia