Laser cutting

With laser cutting, you can cut virtually any contour. This gives a very high degree of freedom in the design phase and thus almost unlimited possibilities.

Laser cutting is often the cheapest solution for small or medium series sizes, but today laser cutting is in many cases just as fast as turret punching, which is why we also often produce large series sizes on our machines.

We have 28kw divided into 4 pieces. machines.

Our machines are equipped with loadmaster systems with up to 30 pallet seats.

At Damgaard we have the opportunity to combine laser cutting with eg.  shaping and threading.


  • No setup costs
  • High material utilization percent
  • Great precision, high quality


We cut the materials up to:

  • Steel up to 15-20mm
  • Stainless steel up to 15mm
  • SMO steel up to 15mm
  • Aluminum up to 8mm
  • Copper up to 6mm
  • Brass up to 6mm
  • Pre-lacquered plate
  • Hardox
  • Armox

NOTE: Max plate size for laser cutting is 1500 x 3000 mm.