Saws and saw drills

Our saw and saw / drill department consists of 5 band saws and a large saw / drill system.

We cut all types of material up to Ø 420 in our band saw, and profiles up to 400 * 400 in the saw / drill system.

Our saw / drill system is fully automatic and can drill from 3 sides with up to 5 different dimensions on each side, giving great flexibility and a low cost as it can run unmanned for larger series.


  • A wide selection of saws, and thus quick conversion.
  • Fully automatic sawing and drilling.
  • Low cost with low staffing


  • Max Ø420 in round matr.
  • Max 400 * 400 in profiles
  • Max length 15,000mm
  • Saws in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.